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Young Korean artists reflect on Laudato si’ through sacred art

da Brasileirão Sub-20By Andrea Rego

da Sao Paulo-AP: The South Korean Archdiocese of Seoul is organizing an exhibition at the Myeongdong Gallery 1898 on 12-20 July, displaying the work of 11 young Korean artists on the theme of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’.

The young South Korean artists reflect on Laudato si’ through this exhibition of sacred art entitled “Conversations about our Common Home”.

A variety of artworks – paintings, illustrations, stained glass, and calligraphy – are on display to the public, free of charge. The 11 artists were the winners of “Sacred Art Young Artist Contest” held by the Gallery 1898 in 2021.

The artists sought inspiration by reading and meditating on the Laudato si’, which talks about protecting the earth ‘Our Common Home’ and living in harmony with all creatures.

The title ‘Conversations about our Common Home’ was taken from an excerpt from the third paragraph of Laudato si’: “I am writing this encyclical to have a dialogue with everyone about our common home”.

Bishop Benedictus Son Hee-Song, Auxiliary Bishop of Seoul Message from the Vicar General

Bishop Benedictus Son Hee-song, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Seoul, congratulated the young artists.

“Thank you for sharing the good things within you, young artists,” he said. “The fact that you meditate on the Pope Francis’s Encyclical and make it into a work of art is similar to the homily of the priest at the Mass. It is to meditate on the ‘beauty’ created by God and to deliver a message through ‘works of art’.”

“When we look at the world created by God, we can recognize its beauty. Taking care of the environment well is to reveal the beauty of God in nature,” noted Bishop Son.

He also urged the young artists to “make art works with a sense of mission that your work is to reveal the beauty God has put in nature.”

"The World is…" by Kim Ha Hyun (2023) Visitor Participation Program

The exhibition also includes a visitor participation program. It invites the audience to decorate activity sheets with endangered animal stamps through the ‘Common Home’ program.

During the “Dialogue with the Artist” session, an audio guide led by a young artist enables the audience to listen to commentary on the work. This program is held at 2:00 p.m. on weekdays and at 4:00 p.m. on weekends.

Group photo of the young artists Listen to our report

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