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[Book] Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science

Details Alan Woods and Ted Grant 02 June 1995

Index [Book] Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science Author’s introduction to eBook edition Author’s Preface to the Second English Edition Authors’ foreword Part One: Reason and Unreason – 1. Introduction 2. Philosophy and Religion 3. Dialectical Materialism 4.Formal Logic and Dialectics Part Two: Time, Space and Motion – 5. Revolution in Physics 6. Uncertainty and Idealism 7. Relativity Theory 8. The Arrow of Time 9. The Big Bang Part Three: Life, Mind and Matter – 10. The Dialectics of Geology 11. How Life Arose 12. The revolutionary birth of humankind 13. The Genesis of Mind 14. Marxism and Darwinism 15. The Selfish Gene Part Four: Order out of Chaos – 16. Does Mathematics Reflect Reality? 17. Chaos Theory 18. The Theory of Knowledge 19. Alienation and the Future of Humanity Bibliography Glossary of Terms All Pages Share Tweet Join usRead More New biography: ‘In Defence of Lenin’ – pre-order now! 19 Dec 2023 Treasure trove of new and classic Marxist theory: now available as audiobooks!  1 Jun 2023 “The History of Philosophy: a Marxist Perspective” – now available in Spanish! 2 May 2023 Trotsky’s ‘Writings on Britain’: lessons for class war 23 Mar 2023 Women, Family and the Russian Revolution – out soon! 8 Mar 2023